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Located in Newbury Township, in Northeastern Ohio, Silver Lake Wellness Center provides the latest in anti-aging medicine and non-surgical aesthetics. We are dedicated to the earliest prevention, detection, and treatment of age related disease. The earlier that physical or laboratory markers of declining health are identified, the more likely that preventative therapy will result in optimum health and disease prevention.

Anti-Aging Medicine Bioidentical Hormones Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Anti-Aging Medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to the prevention of age related disability, and extending the functional life span.

We strive to help people live longer and better by optimizing cellular health and preventing disease.  Among other things, we focus on nutritional status, lifestyle, hormone balance, and avoidance or elimination of cellular toxins.

Specialized Testing:

  • Saliva/Blood Spot
  • MicroNutrient
  • LPP
  • Allergy



Hormone balance is a major factor in sustaining good health, vitality and longevity.  When in balance, hormones have numerous health benefits which include:  protecting your brain cells, heart cells, building strong bones and muscles, improving your immune system and skin health.  Examples of conditions that may precipitate hormone dysfunction are menopause, andropause (age related loss of testosterone), emotional or physical stress.  It is important to remember that optimal hormone function is dependent on the ratio, as well as, the amount of many chemical mediators.

Hormone function is a symphony, not a solo performance.  One or more hormones out of balance affects the final composition, and the health of all cells.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

  • Natural Medicine
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Holistic Healthcare
  • Acupuncture-Body/Facial
  • NAET (Natural Allergy Elimination Treatment)

    Dr. Silver performs non-surgical  aesthetic procedures such as: Botox, Dysport, Juvederm  and Radiesse facial fillers.

    Treatment for acne and acne scarring using the SmoothBeam Laser by Candela is also performed in our office.

    Clinical Nutritionist

  • Weight Management
  • Food Allergy
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy

    Dr. Richard Silver

    Our mission is to inform our patients of cutting edge healthcare technology so that they can make lifestyle changes that promote optimum health and prevent disease.

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